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Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Food & Movies

Food and movies go together like, well, popcorn and movies or in my case avo and ginger... Since food is one of the central themes of life, it stands to reason that it would make a good theme for the cinema. I love watching food movies! Have you ever noticed that most of them are about (obviously) food and life/ relationships?

This got me thinking about my relationship with food. I have my ups and downs, my good times and my NOT so good times, inspired times and my JUNK FOOD times.

It also took me back to this movie my mom and sister watched -"Babette's feast". I wonder if this could be where Ana's love of food started? Those days, to me, it was just a weird movie about an onld lady preparing funny stuffed animals and slaving away the whole day..

I’ve seen many lists of food movies that include flicks that have a great food scene or two. Movies such as Diner, Mystic Pizza, Eating Raoul & The Mistress of Spices often show up

While some of them might include some food scenes,i't's mostly not centered around it. For me, to be a true food movie, the film should embody the same trait that makes for a great chef; passion for food. You should leave the theater so inspired that you want to either sprint straight to a great restaurant or to the kitchen.

Tonight make your favourite risotto (or get your brother-in-law to make you some) and rent a few - one for entree, one for main and maybe a few for dessert... My suggestion: Babette's' Feast, Chocolate, Waitress, Julie & Julia, Ratatouille, Women on top and Tortilla Soup.





· Use icing sugar instead of flour when rolling out biscuits.

· To prevent cake from sticking, place the cake that has come out of the oven on a damp cloth for a couple of minutes.

· Add a pinch of baking soda to icing to prevent hardening and cracking.

· To avoid dried fruit or nuts from sinking to the bottom of a batter, coat them lightly with flour first.

· Add a few drops of lemon juice when creaming butter and sugar to make the job easier.

· Cool baked goods completely before freezing or they will end up soggy.

· 1Tbs dried yeast is equivalent to 25g fresh yeast

· To turn plain flour into self –raising flour sieve 2tsp of baking powder into 225g plain flour

· To make self-raising whole-wheat flour add 10ml of baking powder to every 250ml whole-wheat flour

· To make your own baking powder, sieve 10ml cream of tartar into 5ml baking soda

· Always chill pastry dough before rolling and cutting, as it relaxes the gluten.

· For feather light muffins stir only until the ingredients are moist. Extra stirring will make them tough.

· Bake for the minimum time given in the recipe before opening the oven door. If the door is opened too soon, it may cause some cakes to flop.

· If a cake looks as though it is browning too quickly, cover the top loosely with foil.

· If baking several cake layers, arrange them on the oven shelves so that they are not directly beneath one another.

· When measuring with a spoon, don’t hold the spoon directly over the bowl or you may accidentally add too much.

· All spoon measurements are level unless otherwise stated.

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