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cake wrapper

cake wrapper

cake wrapper

cake wrapper

cake wrapper


Three For Tea is the brainchild of 3 highly creative South African women who spotted a gap in the catering market - and now bring a fabulously affordable range of cupcake and cake wrappers to the event planning, catering and baking industry.

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Thursday, June 3, 2010

Cupcake, cake wrappers and table décor

The team of three, Anni, Sanet and Riana, pour years of combined know-how in graphic design, fine arts, catering, culinary art, events planning and business management into the proverbial mixing bowl. The result: wrappers that are as worthy of the culinary catwalk as their international counterparts. As these lovely wrappers are designed both locally and in-house, they are much more affordable – and completely unique in design. Currently Gauteng-based, but expanding to other areas soon!

threefortea wrappers are

• coated on the inside with a non-toxic film to prevent those pesky fatty stains
• acid and chlorine-free
• printed with vegetable inks
• adjustable - easy to assemble
• proudly crafted in South Africa
• not harmful if consumed

available in a variety of designs and styles which are continuously updated (take a peek at our website)

customised table décor

threefortea not only specialises in making teatime treats look as tantalising as they taste – we’re also brimming with ideas on how to turn your table décor into a veritable feast for the eye. Bring us your theme – and we’ll design the eye-catching table décor to match!

turn your incredible edibles into irresistable eye candy -
and your tables into trend-setters!




· Use icing sugar instead of flour when rolling out biscuits.

· To prevent cake from sticking, place the cake that has come out of the oven on a damp cloth for a couple of minutes.

· Add a pinch of baking soda to icing to prevent hardening and cracking.

· To avoid dried fruit or nuts from sinking to the bottom of a batter, coat them lightly with flour first.

· Add a few drops of lemon juice when creaming butter and sugar to make the job easier.

· Cool baked goods completely before freezing or they will end up soggy.

· 1Tbs dried yeast is equivalent to 25g fresh yeast

· To turn plain flour into self –raising flour sieve 2tsp of baking powder into 225g plain flour

· To make self-raising whole-wheat flour add 10ml of baking powder to every 250ml whole-wheat flour

· To make your own baking powder, sieve 10ml cream of tartar into 5ml baking soda

· Always chill pastry dough before rolling and cutting, as it relaxes the gluten.

· For feather light muffins stir only until the ingredients are moist. Extra stirring will make them tough.

· Bake for the minimum time given in the recipe before opening the oven door. If the door is opened too soon, it may cause some cakes to flop.

· If a cake looks as though it is browning too quickly, cover the top loosely with foil.

· If baking several cake layers, arrange them on the oven shelves so that they are not directly beneath one another.

· When measuring with a spoon, don’t hold the spoon directly over the bowl or you may accidentally add too much.

· All spoon measurements are level unless otherwise stated.

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To prevent those pesky fatty stains, all our cake wrappers are coated on the inside with a non-toxic film.